Nov 27, 2009

Purpose and Prices

I do portraits and other commissions, and I sell prints and originals. Turn your favorite photo into a drawing, oil painting, watercolor, scratch-board, wood-burning, or even sculpture (if I feel ambitious enough).

I can print virtually any size, or on other materials, such as canvas--just ask.

Questions? Contact me at


  1. Richard William Smith for president!!!

  2. oh my goodness what a talent you have been blessed with! I knew you were talented friend but you've seemed to really bloom since Highschool. This stuff is so amazing.

  3. Love the artwork Rick, Im definitely going to look into you painting a portrait! but we're definitely going to have to change up the website. which costs you some money to get it out of the "blog" format. lemme know if you are interested. if you get your own domain, which costs 100 dollars a year, you can create any type of website you want. You also get your own website address.. so instead of, it would be just or whatever else you might want it to be. you can also create like.. 20 or so other websites as long as you get the URL.

  4. How much would your charge for a drawing or an oil painting? (12 by 18 or so) I don't know what it would be of yet, but I love your art! I've always been amazed at your work, Jared Merril and Alex Plat work. All of you are amazing at what you do!

  5. It all depends on what it is. First of all, if you have a good photograph to work from, then it will turn out.

    Most paintings cost at least $150 because they take a long time. A drawing would be between $30 and $100 for that size. It all depends on how quickly I can do it. Portraits take a long time.